Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hey Friends, I've been really busy with the paints this week ! I don't know how many I've done or started. The busy bee's above and the fancy Dragon Fly below. I enjoyed painting the beads.
A lovely lady in Australia bought a painting from my Etsy store. So I pack it up the usual way and take it to the P.O. and the way I had it packed would have cost $35.00. So I brought it home and repacked. On my way back to the P.O. I decided to stop at the UPS store and see what their fee might be. After measuring and weighing, he said $169.64 !! $169.64.
I started laughing and he did too. This pkg. was ><>
I went on to the P.O. and mailed it for $15.00. Just thought you might enjoy that scenario.
Now I'm off to Etsy to list a painting or two.
Happy Trails.


hw (hallie) farber said...

Boy, you have been busy.
The Dragonfly is my favorite because I love watching them. I haven't seen a pink one here at the lake but I'll keep an eye out. Really nice. And a great PR story for the Post Office!

Sue Furrow said...

Hi Hallie, Use your artist side of the brain and you'll SEE pink, orange, red and aqua colored DF !! A glass of some spirits helps too.
Have a great weekend.

Toyin O. said...

Both paintings are so lovely; UPS can be pretty expensive:)

sherryscarvings said...

I just love this! The color and style is beautiful! i like your story to :)

Margaret Hall said...

Love, love that dragonfly! And, let's hear it for the P.O....!

Mark Nesmith said...

I'm enjoying your blog. Love your paintings. So much color and such a fun/whimsical attitude! Shipping artwork is always the diciest part of being an artist. Someday someone brilliant will design an art teleportation device. I'd love to push a button and have my paintings safely in the waiting arms of the collectors!

Mark Nesmith