Tuesday, June 10, 2008


OK-Folks. It's Tuesday. Almost recovered from the 50th Roanoke Sidewalk Art Show. All artists know what they face with an outdoor festival. The major concern is the weather. This time, no storms or even rain. But it was hotter than ----you know what! Several of us felt a bit on the faint side. But all in all it was a pleasant show. The art museum staff and volunteers are first class. They were out there with the rest of us. I met lots of nice people and visited with a lot of old friends. Just a handful of artists made sales but the public wasn't very interested in any thing other than getting out of the heat. Maybe next year!!!!

Now I'll tell you about this little piece of art work. The idea came from my sisters yard again. I visualized the bench under the arbor (she plans to put one in) and really enhanced the amount of rose blooms. She will have a great spot for resting, reading, or scaring cats. If you would like the info on bidding CLICK HERE.

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