Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well, howdy all. I was way to tired last night to tell you how the new art show went. It was held on Kirk Ave. in downtown Roanoke, yesterday. The opening of the new, huge, gorgeous TAUBMAN ART MUSEUM was held yesterday too. Everyone was hoping a lot of people would find their way over to this art show when they left the museum. It didn't happen. Some came over, but----you know the rest. It was really windy and pretty chilly! You know how it gets between big buildings and the funnel effect with the wind. I enjoyed visiting with artists I had not seen for some time. Next year will be better and I think they want to hold it a little earlier, maybe in October. And "they" are, the staff at SIGNATURE 9 GALLERY. They were so hospitable and good natured. They let the artists use their facilities and served hot cider and a bunch of homemade goodies. Thank you very much ladies!
Now let me mention some shops on ETSY. I was supposed to post their url yesterday, BUT I was just to tired (the bad thing about one day shows). So let me try to post their links now.



Appears I may have done it correctly. Now I'll go check it out!

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