Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Hey Friends, I'm posting a few photos from the hike I took Tuesday. It rained the entire day, so I was hiking under an umbrella. I'm sure the critters thought I was the oddest hiker they'd ever seen. The photo above is of one of the prettiest spots in the whole ravine or maybe it would qualify as a canyon ?!
And this photo of the lake is at the lowest spot. Look at that color and I didn't alter it in Photoshop at all. There is a lot of sulfur in this area of Virginia so I'm guessing that's the reason for such a beautiful shade of aquamarine.
And this photo was taken from the very top of the tallest peak. Doesn't look so high but it is. And it took a while for this TuTu to get up there.
This was taken from the same spot, opposite direction. Foggy! These Blue Ridge Mtns. are beautiful. Hoping to get some paintings started soon. I'm thinking I might do some of the compositional work from the photos and go back to this spot to do the actual painting. Just wondering if my colors might be a little truer. Oh, this last shot is 2 photos merged but I don't know how to clean it up.

Getting out there with nature is one of the best things you can do for yourself. If you're alone you won't have to worry about if the other person is tired, bored, hungry, etc. But if someone wants to tag along, you just might inspire them to keep walking too.

Happy Trails.


hw (hallie) farber said...

What a beautiful place for a hike. I look forward to seeing your paintings of these areas. Plein Air--I've never tried it, but I'm thinking about it. Maybe I'll sit in my front yard and paint--I like to be near food and bathrooms.

Sue Furrow said...

Hi Hallie, I'm like you about food and bathrooms. And I hate the danged bugs ! I've only plein-aired twice and both times I spent most of my efforts keeping bugs out of my eyes. Fall would probably be less bug swatting. We shall see but I could end up in my yard w/ a photo. Have a grand weekend.

Lesa Kay said...

Thanks for taking us along on such a lovely hike. What gorgeous inspiration!

Paul's Blog said...

The Blue Ridge Mountains will give you lots of ideas for paintings Sue. The bugs would be a problem for any plein-air painter, and I have had that irritation from mosquitos more than once myself. The one thing one really gets from plein air painting is true color and the wonderful sense of being in touch with what you are painting.