Sunday, July 22, 2012

Barbours Creek in New Castle, Va.

 Hey Friends,  I started this blog post at about 9am this morning.  Finally gave up - just wouldn't load!  Service is still a bit wonky but I will persevere.  About 2 weeks ago daughter and I took a little day trip, north of Salem to Barbours Creek area of New Castle, Va.  There is a good little family style restaurant called the "HomePlace - that's the photo above.
 This is a shot of Barbours Creek !  The prettiest little creek I've ever seen.  I heard from my brother that this is the creek my uncle and Dad loved.  They hunted in this area.
 This is the last shot I got before I fell in or down.  YowSaz-It was cold.  And the temp's were pretty hot so that made it even colder.  Skinned, bruised one leg and messed up my camera !  Really bummed me out.  Crazy thing is the camera still takes photos but no display so you can't tell what you've got until they are loaded into the 'puter.
Here's a shot of my daughters Boss' horses-whata mouth full!!  Like I said the IE is still messed up (in case you haven't heard, we had severe storms here in VA. a week or so ago.  Lots of people w/o power for way over a week, including my daughter.)

The reason for telling you about this trip is - the Boss wants this beautiful creek painted to hang in his office    YAY !   So I will be going back- again and again.  I've already painted his horses and I'll scan that and show ya soon.

And now go check the DLPBR blog (below-sidebar) to see our piano !!

Happy Trails. . . . . . .