Sunday, December 9, 2012

Beautiful Birds

Hey Friends,  I had the good fortune to see both of these beauties this morning !!!  Even found this tiny little feather.  Can't say for sure that it's a woodpeckers feather but it sure looks like it. 
On my way to work I had to stop for some suet to offer these beauties.  I want them to hang around so suet should do the trick.

I also painted about 5 more Wood peckers  and I've started listing them in my DPW gallery.  The starting bids are low and they make sweet little gifts.  And they come with their own little handcrafted easels., which you can see by scrolling down a bit.

Happy Trails
Travel Well


Lesa Kay said...

Love those paintings! I love woodpeckers.

Yep. That's a woodpecker feather. You know what might be cool is if you hung the feather off of one of the paintings. You could string some beads and then run the thread through the quill part of the feather with a needle.

Just an idea. :-)

DLPBR said...

That is a cool idea. If and when I get it done I'll post a photo.
Thanks for the tidbit.

Happy Holidays.