Monday, March 30, 2015


Hey Friends,  Something a bit different every now and again is the spice of life!  I enjoyed this one a lot.  It's been a long time since I rode trail horses.
When I was a young teenager, we would go to Mr. Taliaferro's farm to play and hope he would let us ride his horses.  He was an important man in the Calvary I was told.
He was a stern old fella and seemed a bit gruff.  He was probably just set in "His Ways" as some of the older folks say.  But he insisted that if we rode the horses we had to get them ready to ride!  We put the pads and saddles and all that stuff on them.  And when we got back we had to brush them and feed and water, etc.
Well, my horse was pregnant.  And I did not know she liked to swell her belly way out so her baby wouldn't get squashed.  I thought the cinch was good and tight.  But besides her trying to scrap me off at every tree she saw, when she relaxed or sucked her belly in, I sort of did one of those circus moves, where you go under the belly still clinging to the saddle.!  It was funny.
And I was mad at the same time.'cuz everyone laughed at me.
Some memories are worth sharing.
This is available at Second Helpings Gallery in Roanoke.
Hope your Trails are Happy.

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