Thursday, March 24, 2016


Hey Friends,  Hope you don't think it's TOO weird to start a post in a cemetary?!
The Avoca Museum in Altavista has a beautiful little round plot enclosed with a rock wall.  And the first thing to catch my eye, was the picasso-ess or ish female in mourning.
I think she is beautiful.  Maybe I need one.

After leaving all the merri-makers (DoubleLinePainters) in Altavista, I chugged on over to the Smith Mountain Lake State Park to see what was blooming.  I had to go through Huddleston to get home and don't ya know, there is gang after gang of cows !  I was braking all the way.  And of course the cows didn't know whether to run or cry.  
It always tickles me the way they struggle to stand up and just look at you.  Don't move a muscle.  They must think I'm a predator.  Can you see me from their point of view?
Wind whipping the white hair all around and a purple camera for an eyeball.
Funny Enough.

Now I hope all of you will go take a look at my new website !!!
I like it ( alot) even though I'm not finished.

Tell me what you think.

Happy Trails

PS--I have done everything I can think of to make the address clickable.  Nothing seems to work. 
So please just type it in the bar up there, thanks.

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