Sunday, November 6, 2016

New Work added to Website and FAA

Hey Friends,  I have finished a few new pieces of work this weekend.  This one above is available in my website, HERE, which is FASO and prints can be had HERE, inFineArtAmerica.

I am working to free myself from the representational.  Most of my life has been spent creating something we recognize.  I no longer feel the happiness it used to be.  My work now is headed in the direction I want to go.  Expressing a different view or a different idea. 
Such as this piece "Listen with Your Heart".  It has a tree and a barn but that's not the focal point.  It is the free spirit, looking to the future and hope for our kind.  I could never be happy without Mother Nature and I'm afraid the future generations will never see it.
This piece is meant to be uplifting, not sad, when you listen to my words.  But it needs to be said, and by a ga-zillion more like me.


Happy Trails

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Elizabeth Merchant said...

'Listen with Your Heart' - "It has a tree and a barn but that's not the focal point."

What I find really inspiring about this piece is your use of color.

Yes the tree and barn draw us in because for many those items represent warm memories of home ... however the really vibrant colors lift our overall mood and give the viewer a sense of well-being.

Haven't been back to your site since April. Really happy I bookmarked your site. Kudos.