Thursday, April 10, 2008


Just in case anyone is interested, I'm posting this tiny painting I did today of my old studio. When I say old studio, I don't mean I have a new one, this building used to be my father's old workshop. I had months of clean-up and painting and new wiring to do to make it usable. And I still need to have doors installed and heat, etc. But I'm still able to use it. My Dad used it to work on cars and woodworking. My nephew, Patrick, helped me the most on updating it. My brother, Brady, put a new roof on it-Bless his little pea picking heart!!! If you read the previous post, you know I was declaring what a beautiful day today was. That's why I was sitting outside my studio painting instead of inside it. Well, I've fooled with this computer longer than I like!! Everyone have a good night! Thanks for stopping by.

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