Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sponge Work

Hey Friends, I was wondering - Does painting with a sponge count as REAL art? Some people use their fingers, some use a stick, some even use drips or a spoon. So I think it's OK to use anything you want, not just a brush.
I have such a hard time getting a soft edge with acrylics. So I thought of giving a sponge a try. I like it. These clouds look softer than anything I've produced so far.
This is my favorite hill. It's behind our house and I usually have some animals out there. But I was more interested in the clouds this time. The forest is casting a nice shadow there on the right.
We are supposed to have more storms this evening. That would be a good time to catch some drama in the sky. I will probably be at work by then and miss the whole show. And I'm pretty certain Mom wouldn't like to be out there taking photos for me.

Got another great idea for another series from a sweet woman that works at the Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake ! Love series !! Last week I delivered new work to the gallery, so if you're in that area of Virginia, stop at the Little Gallery-it's a lovely place with a boat load of great art and jewelry and sculpture. And then go fishing.

Happy Trails


InterruptedArtist said...

Recently stumbled upon your site. This piece made me feel happy! It seems so light, airy, happy and fun. Made me smile. Thank you for sharing!

Holly said...

I think that you can use whatever you want, putting your heart into your work is what really matters. I can tell that's what you've done here too! The clouds and the shadows look so perfect, and how fun that this is a spot that is special to you. It gives me a very pleasant feeling.

hw (hallie) farber said...

Paint with everything you've got! This is a happy painting.

Sue Furrow said...

Hey Ladies, Thanks for the sweet comments. Always glad to find out how a piece of my work makes someone feel. Sue

Meowlissa said...

Oh I love this! I agree with Holly :) I love grabbing something Ive never used and seeing what a fabulous surprise it has to offer (or in some cases, a disaster but a surprise none the less:)

Lesa Kay said...

Lovely painting! It makes me want to be there.

I have even used a toothbrush to paint with (mostly just for a splatter effct). LOL

I love using a sponge. I have one that I cut to fit my fingertips that I've had for many years.