Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Ideas !!

Hey Friends, I know it's a bit odd - me posting twice in one week but........I had a couple of ideas (yeah-that's odd too!) and was wondering what others thought.

Yeah, I'll probably do this anyway 'cuz I'm a bit hardheaded. I thought of 2 new series for paintings. First is the "Good Dog" series. My daughter had to put her dog "Ebony" asleep last week and then I saw a collar with GOOD DOG cross stitched on it and Boing a tiny lightbulb came on. So the Dalmation mix above is the first, testing the waters, so to speak.

I like it a lot and I've already painted my daughters dog too. It's not dry or I would have scanned it, to show you. I can see the fun coming up !

The second idea I thought I might call "BEACH BUTTS" or is that too crude? A friend gave me a couple photos of her boys from their last beach trip. I like the way it turned out. I have a hard time painting loose so it really stokes the old fire when I accomplish loose brush work. I ran out of the studio so I wouldn't keep fiddling with it. I drive myself crazy being such a noodler.

I can already picture a couple of paintings with babies I know.

So tell me what you think and have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Trails.


hw (hallie) farber said...

I really like the dog. Are those two separate dog paintings? Can't quite figure out the one at the top.

I think the butts will be a success because they can be any kids' butts.

TWO good ideas. Stay loose.

Pam said...

Oh Sue, how wonderfully creative! I love the idea of the dog wrapping around the canvas--very cool. And I think "beach butts" is a fantastic idea, too, not crude at all. Gotta pay attention when the bulb flashes on, right?!! Can't wait to see more.

Sue Furrow said...

Thanks Hallie and Pam, Most days I think I'm not playing w/ a full deck so when I get an idea I question it. I usually toss them in the can. Thanks for backing me up. And Hallie, it's the same painting just a different angle to show the collar.

Holly said...

I think they're both wonderful ideas! People have the tendency to be very devoted to their pets, so that could turn out to be a very profitable addition to your work if you were open for commissions. And the beach butts are very cute too. I don't think they're too crude at all. But then again, I'm not the type of person to get all up in arms over things like that.

Ruth Andre said...

Love the perspective of these two Paintings.