Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Work at Gallery 108

Hey Friends, It has been a busy spring for me, how about you? Did you get that lawn mower started? I did (after my sweet little brother worked on it). What would we do without him?

A couple weeks ago I changed out the art work I had hanging at Gallery 108 in downtown Roanoke, which is in SW Va. in a valley that seems to hold all the pollen in place. As windy as it has been for weeks, you would think some would blow away. We've even had several tornados in the area. Pulaski was hit pretty hard. Sometimes I ramble, sorry.

Anyway the photo above is what I hung at Gallery 108. Lots of color - my fav. Color then light is what inspires me to paint. I love to start a painting on a base color. My choice is usually what ever color would be the compliment of the subject I'm going to paint or RED, which ever opens first. I have found burnt orange by Liquitex to be rich and bold.

I'm hoping blogspot has magically fixed the problem with the paragraphs I had last post.

Happy Trails.


Holly said...

I can relate to your love of color. You express it so beautifully! Your space is absolutely wonderful, and I'm sure your patrons will agree. And yes, it does appear that your paragraphs are fixed!

hw (hallie) farber said...

Great looking wall, Sue. Those crows are ready to take off (after they finish the froggie).

Happy Easter.

Mary said...

Lovely display, Sue. I have enjoyed browsing your delightful blog (which I think I found via Marie Theron's blog). Great use of color. I particularly enjoyed your bright birds and their very lifelike bright eyes.