Thursday, April 28, 2011

Farm Visit Today

Hey Friends, Hope you are well today. I have emailed a lady in Alabama, twice today. Messages did not get through. I'll try again tomorrow but I doubt if there will be any change in the power situation. Hoping she is alright.

Meanwhile, my GranPrincess and I have had another wonderful day here in the Mountains of SW Virginia. Tornados don't happen here very often. A bad one 2 weeks ago in Pulaski.

My Princess and I have been outside most of the day. We visited our neighbor with the crazy farm, I mean Exotic ! Got a lot of good photo's to paint from. Above is a bunny the Princess chased around for 30 minutes. Kids are persistent. I haven't painted him yet.

Here is a shot of the Peacocks, male & female. Very quiet today. Beautiful. I'll give 'em another go at some point.

AND they have Pigeons ! Didn't know they were around until today. There is a lovely pale with some lavendar touches that would be fun to paint.

And here are some ducks the farmer called "Indian Running Ducks" ?!? I think he said that. They are really prettier than my photo.

Of course you know he has chickens. A neighbor dog killed 6 of his hens. BAD DOG. He bought more and keeps his gate closed now. Always something.
And last but the Best - Look at this beauty. Can't remember what it's called. Can't wait to paint this guy. Look at the red feathers in the tail. Gorgeous bird. His mate is brown. Wouldn't it be nice if they had babies.

Also found out today he's got a Koi pond ! All the rain has made it murky so will have to wait to take photo's.

I'm so sorry for all the folks in the south . Praying for you.

Happy Trails.

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