Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fun with Collage and Stamps

 Hey Friends,  I've been having fun for days.  I have carved some of my own stamps, above and below.
 Much easier than you would ever think, if you buy a cheap set of little tools for cutting block printing linoleum.  I used to try doing this with a razor blade or an exacto knife.  Much easier with the little wooden handled tools.
 I made this fish painting with my newly carved stamps (two sizes).  It is on Terra-Skin, which I love.  My last post was about Terra-Skin which is made from stones !  And just so ya know, you can't heat Terra Skin it gets all buckled and contorted.  I tried doing a smaller version of the fish painting and I wanted to emboss the fish lips and fin.  You have to use a heat gun to emboss and that's when I found this little peculiarity.  This will work just fine on ordinary watercolor paper or a wet canvas.
 This painting didn't involve the stamps but collage and cut out paper dolls, one of me favorites from childhood.
This painting involved some stamps, collage,,and cut outs again.  Can you see the bubble wrap stamp?
I've so enjoyed this creative weekend and if you can believe it I also did a couple more.  We are hanging a show at Second Helping the first of April.  To be called "Mother Earth Awakens" so I'm trying to be ready.  Got a few more to go !!   And we (the Double Line Painters) have been working on the www some lately too.   We have had some blog classes and DPW store lessons coming up and hoping to learn more about Pinterest.   It just isn't enough to be an artist need to be a computer germ also.

Happy Trails
Travel Well


hw (hallie) farber said...

Wow--I really like these works. I loved paper dolls, too. I have to check into that terra paper; sounds like a winner.

DLPBR said...

Hi Hallie, Thanks. Try it sometime I know you'll probably get carried away like I did.