Monday, April 29, 2013

Boundless Inspiration

 Hey Friends, Just a very few photos from my trip to Narrows, Va.  I went to Narrows with my good Buddy Bonnie and her Hubby to Bonnie's sisters spread on the side of a mountain with a view to die for.   The photo above was taken from their deck.
 This photo was taken from the bldg. in top photo.  Their neighbor (Deb?) has a herd of cows and they have about 10 babies right now.
 This photo was along Wolfe Creek which is at the bottom of their property.  Wolfe Creek dumps into the NEW River which runs close to VA.Tech.
 Here are their horses, Levi on left and Tango on right.  I believe I remember correctly, that they have broken or trained a bunch of horses over time.  Levi is going to a new home soon and they will get one that needs to be trained.  Can you imagine being able to do this all the time ?!?!!!!!!!!
 Renee & Scottie took us on a journey to the top of  HOGBACK Mountain with an elevation of 3480 ft.!!
 One of the little pieces of heaven God created for our pleasure.  This day was cloudy and a bit of drizzle so the atmosphere is heavy so this really shows the distance perspective well.  This will be a challenge for me to paint.  I can't say I'm much of landscape painter.  My natural tendency is a more intimate view, like I can't wait to paint the horses and cows.
Traveling along Wolfe Creek to get back home we passed this beautiful horse farm.  While I love this place too, to me Renee & Scotties landscape is much better.   Oh, I almost forgot to mention all the birds I saw.  Bluebirds, Swallows, Gold Finches, and I didn't see them with my own eyes (just photos) but they have Bald and Golden eagles sitting in their pine tree and yellow winged warblers.
Such a beautiful place and I'm grateful I got to see it.  I greatly appreciated the hospitality extended by Bonnie's sister and husband.  Thank You.
Happy Trails
Travel Well

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hw (hallie) farber said...

Okay, we'll wait for the paintings from these beautiful scenes.