Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Roanoke's Sidewalk Art Show

Hey Friends, This was a view from my tent at the SAS in downtown Roanoke, Va.  It's a beautiful old building, whose name I don't know.  I saw very few people (attendees) on the streets so I looked at this building and the clouds more than anything else.  That's pretty much my review of this show.
I think it's sad that this area of Virginia thinks so little of the arts, all of the arts.  But then I would think that, wouldn't I.

Happy Trails
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shayaankhan said...
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hw (hallie) farber said...

Hi Sue. I think once you leave northern VA, there are not a lot of buyers of art. Hang in there.

And don't click on any links like the comment above.

DLPBR said...

Hi Hallie, Thanks for the heads up, and I believe you are right about this area. Hope you are having a good summer so far. It's been wet but wonderful.