Friday, November 15, 2013

Summer Spot

 Hey Friends,  A neighbor at the end of our little country road, has a pair of these old metal chairs on his patio.  I've painted chairs very similar in the past and hope to paint more in the future.  They have such character.  His have a few rust spots but you can't see them at this distance.
You can have this reminder of summer time by clicking here in my Etsy store.

 And I wanted to show you and NaNaCat the haze of smoke hanging over the Roanoke Valley today. Wytheville is about 60 miles SW of us and there is a big forest fire burning since yesterday.  As luck would have it, there is a wind from that direction blowing it up here.  It stings my eyes a bit but it is pretty, isn't it.  This valley is gorgeous anyway you see it.  After playing with my gran babe, I drove to Mill Mountain about dusk.  Was hoping to see more Sun interacting with the smoke, but. . . .
And when you turn around, you see the famous Star.  We are called the Star City of the South.  It's a beautiful symbol, especially when flying into this valley at night !

Happy Trails
Travel Well

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