Thursday, March 20, 2014

Plein Aire from Ikenberrys Porch on Rt. 220

Hey Friends,  Winter should be ending soon, it's almost St. Patricks day !  We members of the "Double Line Painters" are getting anxious to be outside painting.  We are making plans and picking out places to go paint.  So I'm listing most of the plein aire pieces I did last year in Ebay auctions.

Both of these were painted while we were set up on the front porch at Ikenberrys on Rt. 220.  If you haven't been there, they have a fabulous, huge porch with rocking chairs and beautiful plants for sale.
We will be there again this year to set up and sell our wares and paint more beauties.  We haven't confirmed dates yet but it shouldn't be much longer until I can post them.
Meanwhile go to Ebay and check these out by Clicking Here.

 Also, do any of you watch Black Dog Salvage on the DIY network?   My painting buds and myself went there today, while waiting for the wind to die down a bit.  I took a ton of photos but these two have some real power to them.
Happy Trails

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