Sunday, March 16, 2014

Foot Bridge at Greenhill Park, Salem, Virginia

Hey Friends,  Came across this little painting yesterday while shuffling through the cold studio.  So I have listed her on ebay.  You can click here to learn more.
My painting group is anxious to get out there and do some painting.  It's been a long winter and we are rusty (some of us anyway).  We will meet next week in a local park and the week after everyone wants to go to DT Roanoke for some new shots of the market area.  So I should have some new fodder for you to see soon.
Yesterday I went to the "Butt Hollow Cemetary" here in the Fort Lewis area, I guess Fort Lewis would fit the description.  Some relatives are buried there and I have a distant cousin coming in to town soon so I wanted to be sure I knew where it was.  I think I'll go back soon and make a painting.  Everyone loves a cemetery painting.
Happy Trails
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Sue Marrazzo said...

UPLIFTING and Cheery!