Thursday, June 19, 2014

No. 18 in the Pollinator Series and Plein Aire at Evergreen Lavendar Farm

Hey Friends,  Moving on to #18 !  A gorgeous Raven waiting on a branch for a French fry !  This was started on a base of dictionary pages.  Up top left is the dictionary's definition of raven.  This pretty boy is for auction on EBAY, Click here.

But the good news of this day is We, the DLP's finally got to the beautiful "Evergreen Lavender Farm" just this side of Appomattox, Va. on Rt. 460.  Bonnie the owner, said "Sure come on over and paint.  She was happy to see us and a gracious host.

This is my first painting of the day.  I started with a magenta base instead o white canvas.  That is a beautiful pond in the distance.  With rows of lavender between us.

Here I'm pretty much finished.  Made a couple adjustments at home.

And here is one of Bonnie's donkeys.  She said they (there were 2 more hiding) did not like the heat so they hang out in their Donkey House during the day.

Here is a shot of the beautiful Bee Hives.  Can't wait to paint this !  Bonnie said she does not mess with these hives.  She has enough going on with the farm and making lavender products.  And I bought some really heavenly smelling stuff while there.
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