Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gum Springs and New Show

Hey Friends,  This is one of my plein air works, obviously from the spring.  It is for auction on Ebay.
I have a few photos to show you from our hanging at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke this morning.
Above are two of my plein air pieces painted this June and a stained glass piece by Bud Shaw, that I really, REALLY want.

Here is a piece I titled "Anniversary".  So silly I know.  And the beautiful original violin created by the Double Line Painters, Check out their blog.

Here are two more of mine.  A horse on the left and cows on the right.  Patty Powers fiber art hanging in the middle.  This photo doesn't do any of the works justice.  Patty's piece (to me) looks like an undersea world.  You should go to the Jefferson Center and see all the great art work and maybe take in one of their events.  You owe it to yourself.
I do plan to show you more of the art hanging there for the months of December and January.
Happy Trails
Travel Carefully

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