Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Along Barbour's Creek

Hey Friends,  Maybe this summer time painting will warm you up.  Here in the Blue Ridge Mountains it is COLD.  Not as bad as Chicago or Hillesville but too cold for this summer lovin' gal.  I have a friend that lives in Hillsville (West of Salem, Va.) and it is supposed to be NEG. 20 or Minus 20 degrees there tomorrow night.  I hope even the mean, cold hearted people out there will let their pets in tonight.  And what about chickens?  I would like to have some chickens but how would I keep them from freezing to death?
Now back to this painting I created in the studio from photos I took last year maybe.  The owner of this estate could not have found a prettier place to set down roots.  He said the bricks were shipped in by a Mayflower type boat from England a couple hundred years ago.  Can you imagine how long that took?  And almost in his front yard is Barbour's Creek.  One of the prettiest large creeks I've ever seen.  And he had several horses and what artist can resist painting horses !
I so enjoyed that day, even if I did fall into the creek and ruin my camera.
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Happy Trails
Stay Warm

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