Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Hey Friends,  I was ready because I caught the weather report last night.  Today, Tuesday the 20th of Jan. the temps. went up into the 50's.  The sun was glorious, nice breeze most of the time.  Once, twice it was a full gale.
I went out past Dixie Caverns and turned onto an old familiar road (can't remember name) that goes past the new regional jail.  After the RR tracks is a tiny white church on the left.  Pulled in there to paint this beautiful barn and silo across the road with the mountains in background.
Had to include the white streams airplanes make just as they were.  I'm pretty sure anybody else would tell me that is a design NO NO.    But I have a license that says I can do anything I want with paint.

Went on around to the end of that road and started this one.  It will be finished tonight, I hope.
This is acrylic on Terra Skin.  This new paper is made from stone.  Amazing stuff.  Feels wonderful.
Artists should give it a try.  I found mine at Cheap Joes.
Glad you could stop in.
Happy Trails

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hw (hallie) farber said...

I like this painting--jet streaks and all.