Monday, February 8, 2016

Process Shots for "the FLOWER VENDOR"

Hey Friends,  Every now and then I remember to take photos as I work on a new piece.  This is the beginning of the bright collage I made for the WILD THINGS show in Bedford, Va.
It starts on a cradled panel made by Bud Shaw from Bedford.

Here I'm painting the sides with black gesso.  And yes, when I finished I had to go back over it with black.

Here is the first step of putting the collage papers down.  I had scribbled with a permanent marker on the Hen's shape first.

Then I painted on the green grass and used the palette knife to make the flower stems.

Already painted the flower shapes here.  And now I'm rubbing miceous iron onto the hen.

Here I've added details, such as the lines on the flowers and the feather lines.

I decided I didn't like the dullness of the Hen and went back with white acrylic and Liquitex markers.
I enjoyed this process but I also find it just a bit frustrating thus I don't make too many of them.

Another difficulty is a title.  Not just for the collages but any painting.  Originally I was gonna call her "the Happy Gardener" then the "Flower Gardener" but finally thought of "the Flower Vendor".

I enjoy posting these process photos and hope you like to see some of the back ground work, instead of the finished product every time.  Of course during a challenge such as in January's posts, there isn't enough time for me to take photos.

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Trails

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