Thursday, May 26, 2016


Hey Friends,  Glad you stopped by again.  We took a chance the weather man was telling us the truth about the rain leaving for a bit and went back to Wasena Park. 
We ended up at the Green Goat Restaurants parking lot.

I had a canvas that I had stained a long time ago and used it because the warm oranges and pinks would look cool peeking through the cool blues and greens.  This is a beautiful old tree next to the restaurant.

"Where I Work"  18x24 Oil

This piece is from the Catawba Valley right off  Rt. 311.  A little spot to pull over and climb out on a rocky ledge to see this view (I have greatly simplified it here).  The clouds were simply magnificent as were the shadows cast by those clouds.

I LOVE my job and all the different job sites.!

Happy Trails

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