Monday, May 2, 2016


Hey Friends,  I was motivated to get outside because the sun was shining, beautiful clouds were zipping through, and it was warm.  For the last couple of days it has been chilly and dark and drizzly.  In the middle of the night we had a thunder storm
Anyway, above is my obligatory painting of the spirea bush at top of driveway.  It has just barely started to bloom.  Usually it is in full display when the blue iris have opened.

And the clouds were rolling on.

So I got out a deep cradled panel to get some clouds before they disappear.

This is a mixture for the cloud shadows.

I have tried to make this pic upright but blogger seems to be stuck.  So I'll leave it.  This shows the initial placement of clouds.

There are my models

And here I'm starting to refine a bit.  And somewhere along the line, I added some cows and a tree.
After this stage I added layers of the palest pink and palest yellow to the tops of the clouds.
Now I'll let it stay hidden for a few days and then look at again.  There may be changes necessary or maybe not.

Have you checked out my new blog??

Happy Trails

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