Saturday, April 30, 2016


Hey Friends,  Yesterday we (the DLP gals) got to paint and play at the Lynchburg Paint Out held at the Grave Garden (also City Cemetery)   The Lynchburg Art Club did a fantastic job with their very first such event.  Hoping to repeat next year.

The top painting is a fenced in plot with sweet roses and a trumpet vine and I moved the snowball bush from another plot.  This second shot was my first painting.  I loved the old tree with the spread wide arms and the mossy stones beneath.  This handsome tree was at the very top and had beautiful views.

This small study is the little plot you see in the distance.  I made the rose on the left a good bit bigger and added the iris blooming.
There were so many spots begging to be painted, you could probably stay there for a year.  I'm told the roses should be showing off in about 2 weeks, that would be mid May.  Would love to see the roses.  May have to attempt a trip back.

A couple more photos at my new blog HERE

Happy Trails

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