Saturday, July 15, 2017


Hey Friends,  I have been outside in the yard painting this morning.  Too lazy to go find a pretty spot.  I have been painting from memory.
Set up under the big Ginko Tree.

What I have been doing is, making a few shapes/lines from photos taken before hand of my Secret Place, just down the road from me.

This Secret Place is where the local brick company has been getting their clay to make bricks.  The excavating and blasting they have done is, of course, changing the landscape.

I will look at the photo on my computer screen and then come back outside to paint what I remember.  And I only look at the screen once, I don't want to remember every detail.

This makes it a bit more interpretive and more like really being there.  I made four 8x10's of this place.  Now I must wait for my scanner to be re-installed before I can do anything else with them.
They will go into my EBAY store..  Can anyone tell me why my scanner just decided to leave home?  Do storms do it?

This last bitty fella came from a farm on Rt. 220 going to Clifton Forge.  I was riding this trip with a friend so I was able to take some fairly decent photos.  When I'm driving I get nothing but a blur.

I had to bring the easel and all inside because I can't make a cow look like anything from memory.
Love it when I find black and white cows!

So I'll post again when the scanner works.

Happy Trails

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