Saturday, November 11, 2017


Hey My Friends,   At long last, I made it to "ART OF THE CAROLINAS" in Raleigh, NC.  I have wanted to see it for my self for years !  And the tradeshow was no disappointment.   I have heard that some people buy their supplies for the year at this show.  Now I believe it.  Hand truck after hand truck went by with cases of canvas...all sizes.   Grocery type buggies full of paint went by.

I was doing my little thing, perusing all the unknown corners and suddenly it was time for the little 1/2 day work shop with Bob Burridge (seen above).  I had to stack what I had found so far and run.

I was not late but I had to sit in the back which was a big bummer 'cuz I can't hear well.
Of course he had no microphone but the little gal sitting beside me was kind and told me the important words.

I'm not sure but it seems he was eye balling me a bit or maybe he just wanted to make sure I got a decent photo or maybe he did not like my photo snapping (I did not ask).
In the third photo he is holding my fav of his paintings.  It's a healthy woman in a turquoise bikini.
Oh, if it had only been a few hundred, It would have been mine.  But I judged from his small ones at $425.00 that this one was about $2500.00.  or more.

Here is my friend Linda, doing her best to keep up.  He didn't give you much time between exercises, so you would not fiddle with details.  I believe we learned SOMETHING, but honestly, I knew everything he said before he said it from years of watching his videos.  But I should of known I wouldn't learn much in a couple of hours.

Can't wait to go back.
And I told several employees and Mr Jerry, that we wanted an Artarama in Roanoke or Salem, Va.
He said "Yeah, that's interesting"

Happy Trails

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