Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hey Friends, Just a quick note to tell you about a couple of interesting blogs I've come across. Interesting to me because I'm a fan of the arts. Even better is when an artist has a sense of humor. I recently came across Dreama Tolle Perry (she is on That Daily Painters site). Click it and scroll down to the part about her book. And then there is Maria Pace Wynters (also on That D P site). I loved her post about the veil.
AND I found out this morning, Dreama T.P. is holding some Workshops! ! ! I want to take 1 or 2! Her workshops aren't that far from me! I haven't taken a workshop in the last 100 years! so I'm really excited. Can't wait. So I'm going to email her for some details!!!!!

Happy Trails


Anonymous said...

Hey Sue, thanks so much!


Sue Furrow said...

You are most welcome!