Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hey Friends, I'm seeking some Honest opinions about my painting above, which I so very creatively titled "He Loves Me". I positively love it! I'm borrowing from Robert Burridge and Maria Pace Wynters. Borrowing!! Not copying I hope. I'm not going to say why I like it, until I hear some others thoughts. Much appreciated!
Just thought I'd throw this one in 'cuz she's so cute! No critique needed, Right?!?
Hope all are having a wonderful Sunday. My brothers came to my rescue and shoveled a path to escape this dang gone SNOW!
Happy Trails.


hwfarber said...

I love the child and her hair colors but I'm not sure I like the pink next to it. I looked at it in black and white; the child & the pink seem to be close in value. Or maybe, it's the pink being next to the hair color (orange & yellow). Technically, I have no idea what I'm talking about. You're the decider.

I like the pink in the cat painting--nice with the pink roses. You've been busy.

I'm never sure I should add my two cents.

Sue Furrow said...

No Hallie, I'm glad you added your two cents! So the ultra white color of the child doesn't bother you! (that's the part I love)Interesting. I think I'll go look at it in blk&wh. Thanks a bunch.

hwfarber said...

Funny...I didn't notice the child being so white. I did notice the the bright white hair, like a spotlight shining on her.

Patricia Vargas said...

Very beautiful. I love the colors and the girl's hair.

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Los Subterráneos said...

Nice red!

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