Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hey Friends, I finally got this photo from my daughter (the one in the middle). I've been nagging her since Christmas. She had it put on a mug for me. I love it! Look at how much my granbabes have grown!!! Just wanted to share a little of my personal life.
Above is the new gallery I am in now ! It is a co-op gallery and I'm like 1/7th of a member or something like that. I'm really HAPPY about this. Always wanted a gallery in downtown Roanoke. It is right across the street from the new Taubman Museum, so stop in soon!
Here is a link to Gallery 108. They haven't gotten me on the site yet because I need to make a CD for them to download from. Yeah, more computer work that I hate doing.

And the image above is one of about four I painted at the same time. The others are real dogs, this one is the least ugly. I think I'm falling out of love with acrylics. Blending, soft edges are not easy to start with and then add the dry air of 12 degrees and it's frustrating. I also don't like the canvas panels I have right now - too grainy! I prefer to work on gessoed masonite but I can't afford to buy them and it's a Major deal to get the table saw out of the shed to cut my own. Poor Sue, I could whine for hours but it's not really my best talent.
I only know I've got to get busy and get better. I've got shows coming up ! ! !
Hope you guys are having a wonderful 2010 so far!
Happy Trails.


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Sue!

Happy New Year and New Decade.

Thanks for sharing the picture of your daughter & grandbabies. Lovely.

Congrats on the co-op gallery. Sounds terrific.

And I do like your painting. If you move away from acrylics, what will you go to...oil, watercolor, pastels? Just curious.

May this year & decade bring continued success & joy to you!

hwfarber said...

I'm impressed with the location of the gallery--across from the Taubman. What could be better? Congratulations.

Nice painting. Have you tried the open acrylics? I've only played with them; I move between acrylics and alkyds. I ordered some pre- stretched portrait linen canvases last year--just got one out and I'm not sure I like the slubs in the linen.

Nice photo of your family.

Sue Furrow said...

Hi Friends, Have you ever tried to floss and type at the same time? Thats what I'm doing-not easy.
I like to use acrylics like watercolor, but I was trying to use them like oils. I like oils a lot, just using something that dries faster. I love all the mediums, but if I want to get really good, I should pick just one. That's what the "experts" say. And yeah, isn't that a fab location!! If Roanoke can just get on the ball with the tourism thing! They have to figure out a way to draw people in. I don't think the Taub. Mus. alone will do it.
And yes, I have a set of the open acrylics and have used them. Not enough to make up my mind yet. Right now my favorite canvas is by "YES". Comes from ASW and is a smooth surface-smooth for canvas anyway. I like the fact that no frame is required. And rice paper looks good on them and they are pretty cheap.
Love having you web friends.

Marie Theron said...

Lovely colours!

Anonymous said...

Love this painting Sue, great use of colour!