Monday, October 15, 2012

Art on the Parkway

 Hey Friends,  Bonnie Mason and I worked the crowd (Ha) at the Meadows of Dan location for this years "Art on the Parkway".  Above is just one beautiful vista.  Anyone would love it here!
 This is the intersection of the Parkway and Rt. 8 and another one, maybe Rt. 58.  Can you see the 3 antique cars? !  A lot of antique cars and trucks and motorcycles !  This is one hopping spot for the "Peak weekend for leaf peepers".  The amount of people was amazing ..........
 And here is Bonnie and yours truly.  The weather was great and a bit chilly once in a while.  We both sold some artwork and met a lot of nice locals and Parkway Travelers.  We both hate outdoor shows now BUT will be back next year !!
Thankfully our Bouncer/Bodyguard Mr. Wandy kept order in the parking lot !!!  We saw a few shady characters in boots and bibs but felt safe with him there.

Happy Trails Travel Well

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Steven said...

Hi Sue, hope you don't mind but I couldn't resist a quick watercolour impression of the top photo. It's on my blog and I've called it 'Sheep'. Very best wishes, Steven.