Friday, October 12, 2012

Double Line Painters take over Salem, Va.

 Hey Friends,  Some of us "DLP" went to downtown Salem, Va. yesterday to get photos and encouragement.  It was a fabulous day - perfect for picture taking.  We pretty much covered the entire little city !  Bum knee and all.
The statue above was carved from a tree that used to stand right there.  It fell before the carving.
 Bonnie and Linda on the walk in front of Roanoke College.  A beautiful campus.
 Mary Anne and Linda at the "Country Store".What else would you call a store with Hawaiian umbrellas?
And we came across a storefront right on Main with a poster of the SPCA's 2013 Calendar !!  Which has Judy's prize winning painting on the cover.  How Cool is that?!

Now I must hurry to borrow my sisters truck and pack it with all the set up stuff for "Art on the Parkway".  Bonnie and I will be together (same space) for this show also. This is the last outdoor show for the year.  YAY!!

Happy Trails Travel Well

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