Saturday, October 27, 2012

Unfinished Cold Wax Paintings

 Hey Friends,  A little more about the Cold Wax paintings that I created in the workshop taught by Gina Louthian-Stanley.  The LRA sponsored the retreat at Camp Alta Mons in Shawsville, Va.  If you live in SW Va. you should consider joining the League of Roanoke Artists.
 Top image is a collage of various finds into the wax & oil. (I found the leaves on a walk,one little hydrangea bloom on the floor and the unfinished butterfly is a paper towel)  And the danged yellow wax mixture is still SOFT and comes off easily.!!  The image above is another collaged piece.  I have to finish the birds head and this piece seems to be hard enough or should I say dry enough to work on some more.  When I got the base coat of purples and yellow-oranges on the board I put it in the oven on the lowest setting to see what would happen.  Then collaged into it.  I think that's the only reason it's so firm/dry.
 This is a DF collaged into the gob of wax mixture and stamped .  Still to soft to do anything with it.
This was stamped several times, the shells added and Lilly pushed into the wax.  And I think I can work on it more now.  I will test spraying with a varnish on the driest one.  Should be interesting.
I love the process and the feel but I don't think I'll be spending much time with this technique.  I'm too impatient and I'll drive myself crazy if I fight my nature.  I would like to attempt a Dreamy fairytale theme I have in my head  for my granson's room.  I can put down a layer and let it sit and dry at it's own pace and come back to it every year until it's done.  It should be ready for my GREAT granson.

Happy Trails Travel Well


hw (hallie) farber said...

Wow--you have really been busy--so many works in progress. I'm not sure I could do this; I'd be constantly changing my mind about what to put in the wax and I'd never finish.

Love your comment about having something finished for your great grandson. Acrylics are fast; after I've played with my new pencils, I'll probably get back to using them.

Have fun.

audrey said...

I like these. I especially like the bird one. I have been wanting to try wax for a long time... One of these days.
I hope we don't have too much trouble from Hurricane Sandy. Take care and be safe.

DLPBR said...

Hi Hallie, Constantly changing one's mind CAN be a real problem with this technique. Our instructor, Gina, is happy to change her mind at a moments notice.
Hi Audry, Just order some "Dorlands Cold Wax" and mix about 50/50 with oil paint and have at it. It's fun and I'm sure you would enjoy it. I can't imagine Sandy getting this far west or inland. Now Hallie you might have a problem. Hope Not!
Everyone draw some extra water and keep the flashlights close by!!

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