Thursday, July 10, 2014

Plein Aire Painting on the James River Overlook

Hey Friends,  Have you heard the expression " The One That Got Away "?  Well here is one that got away !!   Accidently got away, but I got a photo before it slipped back into the wild.
Here's the story.  You know how women have to take everything but the kitchen sink on every trip?  We had the car pretty well packed for the return trip but then had to figure out how to protect an oil painting from rattling around and smearing itself all over my car.  So one gal had a brilliant idea that required tape that she had to fish out of one bag and that bag had this painting laying on top.  (Acrylic so it was dry)  The brilliant gal laid the painting on top of the car.  Just like I've done 100 times with a drink, except this time, when I stopped, no liquid poured down the windshield.
I hope some art loving hiker found it and stuffed it in his back pack and signs it when he gets home.
We had a wonderful day.  And it doesn't bother me one bit that this is the ONE that got away.
My friend is far more important than the painting and I don't want her to feel bad, at all.
Happy Trails
Travel Lightly

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