Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Windflowers and Swinging

Hey Friends,  I really lost track of time didn't I ?  Summer fun will do that.  And can you believe summer is almost gone? !  I have to say this is available in an Ebay auction in this first paragraph because DPW has such NINNY rules.  They cut me off last post 'cuz I didn't follow the rules.
I returned to my sisters last week to get a couple more flower bed paintings done before summer calls it quits.  Plants change from week to week so I could get a new view/painting every week.
This time the windflowers were right on the verge of opening.  I helped them open a bit.  They are the white ones.

And I wanted to show you my little grandson swinging on Sister's giant rope swing.  I pull the tail out as far as possible and he is really high.  Can't tell in this photo 'cuz I was trying for this shot.

Then he swings way out over the flower bed and grins from ear to ear.  They love it.  And they love to go there 'cuz they have 2 dogs !!
Thanks for stopping by and visit again.
Happy Trails

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