Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fun in the Mountains

Hey Friends, Yesterday I delivered plein aire paintings to 2nd Helpings Gallery on Williamson Rd. which is close to DT Roanoke right off of Rt.460.  Pictured above.

After helping the DLP group work on our Barns of Bedford guitar (I'll show you tomorrow) I raced up to Mill Mountain to see what the beautiful sky looked like.  I sat on the curb close to the overlook and painted the above 5x7.

Then I raced home to get into shorts and an icy drink, then raced over to Greenhill Park in Salem, Va. on the Roanoke River to see what I could practice on.  The river is seriously low.  We will be calling it the Roanoke Creek soon.  Lots of rocks to include in paintings.

For the locals, aren't you surprised at how low the water is?  I knocked out 2- 9"x 12" panels and then hauled it all back up to the car.  Those rocks are hard on your knees !

When I got back to the car, the sky was so pretty I had to sit on the bumper and do another !
A 12" sq. panel of the treeline and beautiful clouds.  Most days I paint outside it is because of the sky.  I may not always put the sky in but that's what pulls me out there.  I would like to do a grand vista.  A large wide open valley with a big sky.  Some day soon.
Happy Trails
Travel Well

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