Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ebay Auctions and Jefferson Center in Roanoke, Va.

Hey Friends,  some new work added to Ebay for auction starting at 99 cents.  This is titled "Old Stucco" .  It is the office for Shenandoah Baptist Church on Williamson Rd. here in Roanoke, Va.  I think it gives the building character but you know they don't.  They want a shiny new place.

This piece is also on Ebay, HERE.  That is some mist burning off in the background.  Did I get a little carried away with the colors?
And this large painting "Happy Trails" is 24"x36" in oils.  We will be hanging this along with many more at the Jefferson Center this coming Tuesday.  Hope you can go for any one of their performances and take in the art exhibit.
Happy Trails
Travel Wisely

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