Friday, February 6, 2015


Hey Friends,  Happy I can now show you ONE of the commissions I've been working on.  Installed it yesterday.  When you get to the end of this post It should make a little more sense.

The very first sketch.  Looking for the perspective of the figures.  Made lots more sketches but don't want to bore you to tears.

This shows a paper doll type cut out of the star taped to board.  Looking for the correct size.
Notice the first little color sketch to the right.

Here it is on the easel.  Can you make out the star?

The close up. Getting to the figures next !

A close up of the girl.  I love the high lights on both heads of hair.

Close up of the bling on the stars.  If you click on any image it will be enlarged.  The glitter stuff actually can be seen with the lights above .

Close up of the wild flowers and bees.  These little flowers made a big difference overall.

Here it is installed.  Isn't that the greatest idea.?!  A window left as is on the interior.  It used to have a view before the remodel.  The owner wanted it to stay and had this vision of the faux view.
I think it is one of the most unique paintings I've ever done.  LOVE IT.
Of course it looks better in person.  My camera does a poor job.
And did you notice the two spot lights at the top that catches the sparkly stars?

On the wall opposite the star is this Bumble Bee she bought several years ago.  You can't tell the scale but it's large and looks great with the room.
This was another commission for the same wonderful couple.  Made for the bathroom at their lake home.  Another one of her imaginative dreams.  The bubbles were so much fun.
I believe in a former life she was an artist herself.
The end of a very long post.  Hope you enjoyed this short little journey through a few weeks of my life.  All of these images help make winter more bearable.
I do thank you Lord for couples like this pair.
Happy Trails

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