Sunday, February 22, 2015


Hey Friends,  Posting a few extras today, just to let you know I've had a good time painting while being snowed in !
Almost all have been painted on gessoed mat board or Terra Skin (paper made from stone-no trees!) so they can be matted and shrink wrapped for a flip bin at Goose Creek in Bedford, Va.
The sheep are in EBAY - Click Here.

These will go to Goose Creek for a while.

If they don't sell there, I may save for the Lynchburg Festival.

I'm trying as hard as I know how to change my method of painting.  I want to be (always have) looser, more impressionistic.  It will take a long time I'm afraid.

It's just my nature to be nit picky with details.  I'm afraid people won't understand or be able to tell what my subject is.  I think if I explain for them, they will get it.
The worst habit an artist can have.
Thanks for stopping in.
Travel safely.

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Bonnie Mason said...

I really like the one with roses in the round green vase. I wish I could be as loose and painterly as you are. That's gorgeous.