Thursday, April 2, 2015


Hey friends,  This colorful long horizontal artwork was painted while at Fishburn Park here in the Roanoke Valley of SW Va.
Phlox and the Va. blue bells only bloom for a week or two in April so you gotta get out there when they are available.  They are a beautiful sight I look forward too every spring.
This is available in ETSY-HERE.
After we hung new work at the Salem Terrace yesterday, I went for a short walk on the GreenWay.
I came across this giant goose, above.  Must be something genetically modified.
I've never seen one this huge.  Look at the Canadian goose next to it and you know how BIG they are.  So this critter must be 3 ft. tall and the size of a German Shepherd.!!
And he didn't seem to like my presence.  He made a sound sort of between a bark and a honk.  And then he started swimming towards me.  And I left in a hurry.  I don't know what a goose attack feels like, not pleasant I bet, but wouldn't it be funny?
Anyway, Be on the look out for this giant along the Greenway between South Salem and Green Hill Park.
Happy Trails

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