Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey Friends,
I painted this several years ago, using watercolor. I remember the little area being close to Tanglewood mall area. Off of Starkey Rd. It has been demolished and a nursery sits there now. It is double-matted and in a metal frame that is a greenish-gray color. Pretty much the color of the under mat. It measures 20" x 16" and is under glass. It is a soft, dreamy type of landscape, some might say romantic.
This size normally sells for over $200.00 but a studio sale should put it at $100.00. And I'll ship it for $3.00. Normally shipping would be about $23 for this size. So that's a deal.

It's a pretty piece - don't let it slip away. Click here for my etsy shop.
Happy Trails.

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