Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hey Friends, Here is the newest painting I've listed in Etsy. This is painted on Masa Rice paper with acrylics. This rice paper is a true joy to paint on! If you haven't given it a try, don't delay. It's my favorite. This paper can be preped in several different ways. My favorite is to crumple and stain with inks or liquid acrylics-gives it a batik-y effect.
I think you can depict any surface on this paper with realistic effects or fantasy. I believe the word is organic. Don't you think it lends it self well to capturing the beach sand and the ocean? I've done several portraits on Masa and loved the human characteristics it lends. The veins, the pores, the scars. and the wrinkles.
Happy Trails.


illi said...

I love this one! Its playful and the colors are soothing. :D

David Patterson said...

Your work is very beautiful Sue...your composition and colors really work! Lovely!