Friday, March 16, 2012

Gallery 108 - Featured Artists for March

Hey Friends, Of course I screwed up the order for posting these photos, but I wasn't going to change them. It takes forever to fix the line up. So..... Mary Anne Meador is above and it is REALLY difficult to get a decent photo through the big glass windows from outside. And Mary Anne's are spread out a bit, so I took this from inside.
Darcy Meeker does some lovely but large copper work so it wouldn't fit in the camera frame from any angle. So all you get to see is a card and a bit of sculpture. She does fabulous stone work.
Angela Shields has been an art teacher in high schools for a lot of years. She gave that up to be a full time artist. She creates paintings w/ a lot of textures and patterns.
Bonnie Mason is a traditional type painter. She uses oils and creates soft textures in her landscapes and still life.
Terry Lyon creates highly textured oil paintings. Mostly landscapes but a beautiful nude is thrown in every now and again just to keep him interested! His studio is downstairs and he usually is there every morning to paint.
That's the line up for this month. We have several new artists joining us, as members and consignment. I will post those next week so I don't bore you to death with a post any longer than this.
The weather here in SW Va. has been amazingly beautiful the past week. So get out there and enjoy !!!!!
Happy Trails.

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hw (hallie) farber said...

I like when others screw things up; makes me feel I'm among my own kind. This looks like a great mix of artists. I liked your flamingo from the previous entry. We have had great weather.