Saturday, March 31, 2012

Greenway between Colorado & Apperson

Hey Friends, Took a little walk along the Roanoke River as it flows through Salem. Yesterday was a beautiful day here in the mountains of SW Va.
Next Thursday, the 5th of april already, our group will meet at this spot for some Plein Aire painting !!! I DO love to paint outside. And there is plenty of beauty here to capture.
The photo above is right along the rivers edge and if you only look at this edge you would think it was some place tropical.

This is a photo of our beautiful wild flower, Mertensia, or Va. Bluebells. Their color is so intense I can't seem to find a paint that suits.
And obviously, this is the fun spot. Someone has even put little strips of wood for a ladder up the tree. Summer memories ! I didn't test but I'm sure the water is too cold yet.
Happy Trails.


jyothisethu said...

great place, of course...
all the beauty of the nature is bundled and thrown into places like this...

Sue Furrow said...

I would imagine that one could find beauty anywhere, if you really look. It's just easier here in the mountains. Thanks for stopping by.