Friday, March 2, 2012

Greater Flamingo

6x6 Acrylic on Deep Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Hey Friends, I finally joined the DAILY PAINTWORKS Gallery. It is a website where you can list your art works for sale or auction. Your blog is supposed to be integrated into your shop and it automatically pulls the paintings into your shop !
So this is a test run. I always do hate the first time I do anything on a computer. But I'm no longer afraid of screwing it up, so here we go.

Have a fabulous weekend. The weather doesn't look very promising here or in most of our great country.

Happy Trails.


hw (hallie) farber said...

I hope the Daily Paintworks works for you. This is one GREAT Flamingo.

And some Sweetie Pies in your last blog.

Sue Furrow said...

Hi Hallie, Thanks and I really like your new photo. You are much younger than your self-portrait would have us believe. I've been keeping up w/your blog but haven't tried to post any comments lately. I will have to see if google will let me now.