Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lessor Flamingo Painting 6x6x1.5

Hey Friends, I can't say I've got DPW figured out BUT I did get 2 paintings posted on there!
I'm not sure how their posting dates work. You would think that part would be clear as mud.
The problem could be I got tangled up, so to speak, on my first post and kept screwing up after that.
Anyway, some lovely person has placed a bid on my first, the Greater Flamingo !!!! I'm hoping they will click to this blog and see what the sides look like. DPW as far as I can tell doesn't let you post multi views.
I will try again to get the blog feed on there correctly.
On another note, today was fantastic weather here in the mountains of SW Va.. Sunshine and breezes. And my favorite little boy came to visit for an hour. We went for our usual little walk to the mail box and throwing stones and stuff into the creeks. Beautiful Day.
After my BabyDoll left, I went back down to the creeks to sketch and photograph all the fantastic moss growing everywhere. It actually seems to grow best on rocks or mortor. I hope/plan to do several paintings within walking distance of home. Should be fun to produce.

Now I'm back to DPW to post a few Dragonflies. I love playing with the colors on DF's.

Happy Trails.

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