Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Collage Workshop and Studio Work

 Hey Friends,  This photo was taken Saturday at the Double Line Painters collage workshop held at 2nd Helpings in Roanoke.  The workshop was a huge success, all the participants seemed to be very happy with their work.  I think my little Sweetheart up there looks like a Gummi Bear.  She is in that awkward stage of losing baby teeth.  And she's as big a chicken as her mom was about pulling them out.  Funny.
 Just a snap of what's going on in the studio.  Using some of the collage papers made for the workshop.  This is their ugly stage.  Soon they will be swans!
And here is my latest accidental catch.  This guy was on our porch just yesterday with his sister, eating Ms. Kittys food.   He is as mean as they come.  And barked like a dog.  Never heard a coon before.  I could not get him out of the cage 'cuz he really wanted a bite.  I was gonna leave him till he calmed down, but Mom got him out by propping the door with a brick.

Happy Trails
Travel well

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